Copy Together:

A mastermind for entrepreneurs who are ready to get serious about their business

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Rock Solid Opt-In & Launch Copy Blueprint

You might be suffering from Website or Copy Shame.


Or stopping yourself from posting something on social media because you’re just not sure it will resonate.


You’re definitely trying to figure out how to sneak in an additional 10 hours per day to get all of your copy written.


But I know you’re also really freakin’ ready to start taking your business seriously!


We all underestimate how much copy we’re going to need in our business. But, it’s not like you can just write your website and then set it and forget it. Website copy, sales pages, email sequences, social media content, video scripts and titles, podcast bios, media sheets…the length of your copy to-do list might rival your last Target receipt!

Girl, I know.  Done-for-you can be pricey. And all the kick-ass copywriters are booked out months in advance anyway. Plus you don’t want to rely on a writer to write everything for you. But, DIY just ain’t gonna get done. Because – oh, look! A shiny object!

You can work toward getting your copy not only written, but written in a clear, concise way that speaks directly to your ideal client…in your voice!

You can have the freedom to work at your own pace, as fast or laid back as you want, with coaching from a pro copywriter to answer any and all questions you have.

⇒ No more procrastinating on writing your copy.

⇒ No more wondering where to start.

⇒ No more questioning if it sounds right.

⇒ No more writing too much or not enough.

If you could have some solid foundational content to work from to get ALL of your copy written plus ongoing support from a pro copywriter…that’s kind of the best of both worlds, right? That’s exactly why I created my 6-month copy coaching program, Copy Together – a mashup of DIY course content AND access to a group coaching model to get all of your copy questions answered as well as additional monthly trainings.
Tara’s mastermind provides immeasurable value.  I knew I was missing something in my business. I didn’t know how to wrap my brand up in a tidy package that represented me. The Copy Mastermind has given me just that.  I now have the words and confidence to share my brand with others.  Beyond that, the friendships and connections are priceless.  We truly are a supportive sisterhood. Melissa Ronda

Owner, The Honest Weigh

Here’s what the Mastermind gets you:

  • Immediate & Lifetime access to my DIY course: resources to make sure ALL of your writing is on-brand – I’m talking mission, vision, elevator pitch, ideal client niche description, and your Brand Language Word Bank, all web copy, sales copy, opt-in, email sequences, launch copy, and MORE! 
  • Weekly power hour calls – co-working sessions to get sh*t done and masterminding calls to talk our biz stuff out in order to take inspired action
  • Expert training with monthly Hot Copy Topics like: writing quickly with focus, welcome and funnel emails, launch copy, bio sections of all sorts, and more!)
  • Bi-weekly Copy Review office hours live in the Mastermind group to get feedback and expert strategizing for the copy you write during the program
  • LIVE guest experts to help you uplevel your business and connect with top-shelf soul sisters
  • Free access to any additional courses or pop-up workshops I create (This. Is. Invaluable!)
  • Engagement with a mastermind of biz besties & soul sisters for inspiration, motivation and major accountability

[All live sessions will be held in the Facebook group or on Zoom calls Wednesday and Thursday afternoons EST]


  • Access to me – a professional copywriter who can help you with:
    • Clarity so you’re not floundering in a giant cloud of ideas
    • Focus so you can stay accountable and get stuff DONE
    • Brand language so every last piece of copy is part of the same cohesive message
    • Naming your offers so that they’re irresistible to your dream clients
    • Strategy so you have a game plan you feel good about
    • Mindset so you’re writing confident copy with high-vibe energy behind it
Not only do you receive copy support, guidance and feedback, you forge friendships with wonderful women who are eager to support you.  Joining the Mastermind was one of my best decisions ever. Corissa Weaver

Owner, Three Charmed Gems

Oh hey – I’m Tara Bosler – Creative Copy Coach & Business Strategist! I’m a copywriter for highly-motivated creative women entrepreneurs who are rebranding and leveling up. So yes – I do a lot of done-for-you kind of writing, but I’m also a teacher.

I spent nearly a decade as a professor of communication and gender studies, and now I use those skills outside of the classroom and inside this transformational online biz space.  

I teach women business owners how to write their own compelling copy. I teach entrepreneurs just like you how to tap into your most empowered voice so you can speak to the heart of your ideal client. And I teach you how to have fun with it along the way – because that’s why we started our business, right!?  

Sister – if you’re not having fun with it – you’re doing it wrong! I’m an action-oriented, no-nonsense kind of chick and I’d love to be the BFF standing next to you asking you, “why not?” when it comes to leveling up your biz.

Tara’s mastermind is tons of support and kick-ass copy advice and a huge dash of sisterly love with a team mentality. I wished I’d found her years ago. Elke Feuer O’Donnell

Owner, Cay Writers

Being a part of Tara’s mastermind was a great path for me to gain clarity and develop my voice as I began to build my business.  The copy course was a perfect self-paced way to guide me through putting together the pieces of copy I needed for my website and gave me the tools to pitch myself.  I was able to bounce ideas off of the group of girls in the mastermind, and being a diverse bunch helped to gain insight.  I love that I can also go back and continue to access the course as pieces are added and as I need to remind myself of the process to follow when writing.  This was definitely a great investment in myself!

Erica Quigley

Small Business Consultant, Erica Quigley

How’s this all gonna go down?

Group Support:

  • Access to the private Facebook group during the 6-month mastermind where I will host expert monthly trainings: writing email sequences, how to optimize your call-to-action buttons with copy, mindset tricks to help you write super confident copy, and more! These expert trainings will be exactly what your business needs next to propel you forward.
  • Soul sister feedback from myself and the group so you’ll never have to fear putting something out into the world that sucks again! 
  • Weekly Live Power Hour implementation sessions to make darn sure you get ISH done, get your questions answered as you write, and stay accountable

DIY portion: You will have full and immediate access to the Copy Together Lite DIY course plus all the bonuses that come with it. (There are some AMAZEBALLS bonuses in there!) But you won’t have to actually DIY it – you’ll have ongoing support and guidance from me to get all of your copy questions answered as you write.

Guest experts: Because I’m not an expert on EVERYTHING, I’m going to bring in some of my biz pals that are kicking some serious biz butt on some topics that small businesses and solopreneurs need to understand. (Some past experts have included Emylee Williams of Think Creative Collective talking about Authenticity, Dana Malstaff on the importance of foundational copy in building a brand, and Anna Frandsen on writing to your clients from your heart.)


The first 3 people to pay in full get:

(1) Branding package with Ellie Dote {$500 value}

(2) Sales strategy breakthrough group call with Renee Hribar  {$500 value}

(3) Time & productivity audit with Lisa Zawrotny  {$125 value}

(4) Personal Social Media Strategy Audit call with Leslie Law  {$197 value}

TOTAL Bonus value: $1322


I’ve been in Tara’s Write Like You Mean It copywriting program and decided to continue on when it became the Copy Together Mastermind. It’s hard to pick my favorite part – copy support, strategy, community, accountability, and more. But I think something that’s really impactful are the connections Tara has helped me make. She’s super real about the fact that she’s not an expert at everything. But instead of saying ‘that’s not my area,’ and letting it go, she always gives us a name of someone who can help and facilitates that connection. We are never left in the dark on our next business steps as Mastermind members.

Stephanie Nichols

Owner, Stephanie Nichols

Okay – real talk time. Let’s talk dolla bills, y’all. I’m sure you’re wondering if Copy Together is worth the investment for you. Well, let’s look at that:

My done-for-you copywriting services for a static website (home/about/work with me) package starts at $3000. And for a launch package, you’re looking at a $5k investment, at least.

But what about 1:1 consulting? Like if I talked you through all your strategy and then reviewed the copy that you wrote? Well, that’s $350/hour. How many hours do you think it would take to get through all of your copy needs? (Hint: it’s a whole heck of a lot.) 

All that to say – $1597 paid in full or $275/month for six months of super high-touch copy and business guidance from me?

Yes. Please.

The Copy Together Mastermind is perfect for women entrepreneurs who:

  •              Have been in business for at least one year.
  •              Own a service-based online business.
  •              Are SO ready to level up and take their business SERIOUSLY. 
  •              Crave a sisterhood to connect with on this crazy biz journey.
  •              Want to hang out with kickass women who don’t mess around.

Listen – what I do with my students and clients isn’t just about copy.


We do a little strategy, a little marketing, a little mindset and a little accountability. (And if you know me, I make sure you do a little self-care, too!) These things are all connected, ya know? So, no – I won’t give you a template. Because you and your business can’t truly be captured in a template. Does that mean more work? Well, yeah – but that’s why I want to be here to hold your hand through it so you can be super confident on the other side of this Copy Train!

There’s something magical that happens when you get your messaging Just Right, get it all written out and feel badass enough to share it everywhere! That’s when the visibility starts workin’ for ya, you start gaining some serious traction and everyone starts falling in love with you. All because – they know you now! Truly know YOU.  

You can’t get on a discovery call with every last person that comes across your business. It’s just not logistically possible. But when you can get your copy on point, it’s like having a high-powered coffee chat without even sending a Zoom link. Because they already get you…and know they want to get to know you better.

I love so much about the Copy Together Mastermind. I love the full lifetime access to the DIY course that takes you from Foundational Copy, Website Copy and all the way through Sales Copy so you have guidance on everything you need from start to finish. But I think my absolute favorite part is the sisterhood behind all of it. I can ask the business and personal questions I have without feeling like I ‘shouldn’t’ ask something or I should already know the answer. The Mastermind has been key in helping me feel connected, get clarity, and be confident in how to move my business forward. Alesia Galati


Being a part of Tara’s Mastermind Sisterhood is like having a business bestie in my pocket all day every day Tracey Lewis Stoeckel