I maaaaay have been talking nonstop lately about my upcoming copywriting intensive program. But you still have questions. I got you, girl. Here are some of the FAQ’s that I get most during my coffee chats about the program.

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Okay, so here we go: 

How much of a time commitment is this?

It’s called an “intensive” program for a reason. It’s definitely some intense focused attention for 30 days. You should really make sure you have about 2-4 hours a week to devote to watching the live trainings and Q&A’s as well as ya know…writing.


Who are these guest experts?

OMGoodness. These guest experts are freakin’ amazing.

Tonya Rineer is a Money Mindset coach and is a mindset superhero. She helped me build, launch and grow my business in less than 90 days. So, yeah. AH-mazing.


Emylee & Abagail of Think Creative Collective and the Strategy Hour Podcast are biz strategy mavens! They turned their consulting businesses into an online empire.


 Autumn Witt Boyd is a legal business expert and I begged her to come in and chat legal shtuff because it’s THAT important and I just…get overwhelmed even thinking about it. But Autumn? Autumn knows her stuff and makes it simple to understand!


Stacy Tushl has been an entrepreneur since…like..forever. She started her first business as a teenager and has been building, growing, leveraging and scaling ever since. She knows sales and profit like no one else!

And girrrrrl – I have two other MAJORLY exciting surprise guests that will join us as well. Eeeeek! I totally wanna tell you now, but….#surprise!


What stage of business is this for?

Well, it’s more of a clarity issue than a time-based issue. If you know who you want to serve and what you do for them in your business, you’re good to go. If you are still just thinking that you want to have a business, but aren’t sure what kind, you’re not quite ready for this yet.


What type of business is this for?

The Write Like You Mean It copywriting intensive best serves online service-providers, but can work for any service-based business whether your clients are online or in person. Product-based businesses may not find it comprehensive enough as it doesn’t cover product descriptions.


What if I can’t catch everything live?

While the live videos are most valuable when you can interact live with me and the other members, you can always leave comments and questions on the video and I’ll circle back and answer everything. Additionally, you can also send in your questions ahead of time so I can answer them live and you can watch it later when you have time.


What’s the value of copy reviews?

I mean…monetarily? $85 per page based on my regular rates. But otherwise? Super priceless. Copy reviews are the #1 thing my consulting clients want after we have a strategy call. It’s super helpful to have fresh and professional eyes on your writing to give it that extra sparkle.


What kind of payment plan can you offer?

I can accept payment via PayPal or credit card and am able to split the payment into two payments – one up front to enroll in the program and one by October 15 (halfway through the program).


What if I really can’t afford it?

You’ve heard how essential it is to invest in your business, so I won’t give you that talk. But if you know that copy is standing in your way of launching or growing your business, you literally can’t afford to miss this.


Why should I do this now?

For one, I’m not entirely sure that I’m going to run this program again. So if you think this is what you need – jump on it now. Otherwise, October is totally the sweet spot of Q4. It’s really the last chance to really dig into your business and work on it before the holidays and general chaos breaks loose…or is that just at my house…?


How is this different from other copywriting programs?

It’s super high-touch. Not in a weird creepy way, but in a super helpful way! Other copy courses are entirely self-paced without any access to the creator. So if you have any questions or want a copy review, it will cost you extra. Additionally, those programs aren’t guaranteed to make sense for your business because…they don’t know your business. Or you. Or anything about you. My program is small, intimate and personalized.


What happens after I join?

Unicorns are released and rainbows appear all around you! Okay, not really. You are added to our private Facebook group, you get the reading materials to review and you get to start networking with the rest of the amazing biz chicks that are going on this journey with you.


Do I get 1:1 support from you?

While you won’t get a 1:1 private strategy session with me, you will get 1:1 support. During all of the live trainings and Q&A sessions, you will get as many questions answered as you can ask. You’ll also have unlimited email and Voxer access to me during the program.


What if I’m just not a good writer? Like, at all.

It’s totally okay! If you have a solid vision that you can see and talk out, we can work together to get that down in written form so your ideal clients resonate with it and fall in love with you.


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