You know how you just LOVE writing sales pages?

*eye roll*

Yeah, not really.

But I bet you love having your sales pages done. And connecting with your dream peeps. And girl – I bet you love seeing your sales page CONVERTING! Am I right?

There are so many questions that come along with writing sales pages…

  •      How many words should it be?
  •      What do I have to include?
  •      Does it really have to be so long that people get tired of scrolling?
  •      Where do I put the Call-to-Action buttons?
  •      How do I cover all the pain points and hesitations?
  •      Should I add an FAQ section?
  •      How in the world do I write the best headline??

I know – it’s a lot.

But I can guide you through all this and more.


The Sales Page Bootcamp will give you everything you need to get your sales page copy written in just 10 days!

Section by section I will explain exactly what needs to go into each chunk and at the end of ten days, you will be ready to copy and paste your sales copy into your site and hit publish!

Do you have something you are BEYOND ready to launch? Let’s get your sales page written and get that copy polished and sparkly and ready to convert!

A cool $99 will get you into this high-impact Bootcamp. You down?

Working with Tara was like taking all the scrambled pieces in my head and dumping them into her lap to turn into a beautiful puzzle. She made the entire session feel like a conversation and asked insightful questions to pull the content out of my head, which she then transformed with unicorn dust or something else magical to really embody what I wanted to say, but could never figure out the words for. She’s hilarious and kind, and was so helpful at throwing out suggestions to inspire me to better explain what I wanted my brand to represent. I walked away with wonderful copy and exactly what I was looking for, which made me wonder, why the heck haven’t I worked with a copywriter sooner? Don’t even hesitate if you’re struggling to find the perfect wording for your project, sales page, website, etc. Tara makes the process so easy and enjoyable; you’ll feel like you just had a coffee date instead of knocked a huge task off your to-do list. Mallory Schlabach

Owner, Mallory Schlabach

Here are the sections I will walk you through over the 10 days of the Sales Page Bootcamp:



  1. What’s your offer & who’s it for?
  2. Yay Feelings
  3. Yuck Feelings
  4. Magical Unicorn
  5. Investment & Time
  6. Summary of benefits
  7. Logistics of delivery
  8. Testimonials
  9. Bio
  10. Hopeless Snowflake
The Sales Page Bootcamp will be delivered via email using text, video, and specific examples of what these sections look like. You will have EVERYTHING you need to write your whole sales page in just 10 days.

All emails will be delivered by the time you wake up and roll over to check your phone in the morning. If you work for less than an hour a day on your sales page, you’ll be golden by the end of the bootcamp!


You’ll be all, “Sales page? Psssshh! Ain’t no thang!”


You’ve waited on this thing for long enough. You know you’re launching soon, or you are a bit embarrassed at NOT launching yet. All because you’ve put off writing your sales page.


No more!


Let me tell you…my copywriting rates for writing a sales page for my clients is a minimum investment of $1500. And you know that a sales page isn’t the only piece of copy you need for a successful launch. Emails, webinars, challenges, opt-ins, FB ads, etc ad infinitum. A whole launch package ends up being around $5k.

So $99 and 10 days later…and your sales page is written with help from a Magical Unicorn Copywriter!

Whenever I need a sales page, Tara is the first person that comes to mind. She takes my scattered thoughts and turns them into written gold that tells my ideal clients exactly what I want them to know about my offers. She finds the words that I can’t with grace and ease. She knows exactly what I want to say even when I don’t know what I want to say! Samantha Brook Johnston

Brand Developer, Neapolitan Creative

Oh hey – I’m Tara Bosler – Creative Copy Coach & Business Strategist.

I’m a pro copywriter that knows how to use the magic of words to express the heart of your business, attract your dream clients, connect with them AND convert them from subscribers into paying clients!

Sales copy is like a big giant puzzle of moving parts that I love to put together in juuuuust the right way to make my clients #allthedollars.

And teaching my fellow biz owners how to do that for themselves? Well, that just makes my teacher heart smile! I used to teach communication at the college level, so teaching is kind of my jam.

So really – the Sales Page Bootcamp is pretty much the ultimate mashup of all my favorite things! The only thing that’s missing is Gilmore Girls…and really, I’ll just put it on in the background. Crisis averted!

Major Bonuses

Bonus #1:

FREE lifetime access to my Foundational Copy mini course ($97 value)

Listen – sales copy is this entirely different animal, right?

You might be a really great writer, communicator, and business owner…but sales copy is tricky! I can help you! Girl – I WANT to help you. Empowering women entrepreneurs is written all over my heart. Solid sales copy is going to help you grow your business BIG time. And you know you need it to launch. So what do ya say?

Tara’s Write Like You Mean It program has been awesome. I wasn’t ready (emotionally and financially) to hand my copy over to a professional, so this was the perfect solution to learn how to write amazing copy myself. The course has not only allowed me to write intentional copy, but it’s helped me gain more purpose and direction in my business. Tara is amazeballs to work with, and I love her teaching style Lucy Cantley

Business Sidekick, Lucy Cantley

Tara has a natural gift for words, for seeing people, and for drawing the best out of them so that we can make a real impact with our businesses.  She is easy and fun to work with.  She’s the real deal. Patricia Fasciotti

Wellness Concierge, Patricia Fasciotti