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Hey There, I’m Tara.

I’m a former professor turned copywriter, digital marketing strategist, and overnight entrepreneur. When I got laid off from my university teaching job of nearly a decade, I knew corporate America was no place for someone like me who won’t wear real pants more than two days a week and really doesn’t care to have someone tell her what to do.

Hmm…entrepreneurship it is, then.

As a single mom at the time, I made the (crazy?) choice to jump into business ownership relying on my strong writing skills, my ability to connect with people and build relationships, and my overall snark.

Thank God it worked!

I MUST start my day with coffee.

I’m an old soul & love traditions.

Authenticity is a non-negotiable.

Blanket. Book. Perfection.


I write for some of the most incredible women I’ve ever known. Women who are launching their own business, rebranding or leveling up. They work from home with kiddos running around. They have big dreams and passions they are crafting in their own ways. I love being part of this “make it happen” kind of tribe.

My mission is to change the landscape of what’s possible for women in business. We can build empires from our living rooms while our kids are at school…and many of us are doing just that! I want to support as many women as I possibly can to find their most confident voice and use it to build and grow their business AND the life of their dreams.