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I have always loved writing. In my first grade class, my teacher had us write, illustrate and “publish” (print out pages and staple them together) a story of our own creation. I loved it so much that I created almost 20 more. (Always the overachiever!)

Fast (waaaay) forward to my first career path – teaching. I taught Communication and Gender Studies at the university level for over eight years. When I was told that my contract wouldn’t be renewed because I don’t have a Ph.D, I had a couple choices:

1. Get another traditional job where I would be at the office a lot, or

2. Turn my side-hustle freelance writing into a business.


So I launched my business. And it thrived almost immediately! As a single mom, it was important to me to make the best decision for my family. And that meant being HOME as much as possible, providing for my daughter and being happy with my work. My business exceeds all of those expectations.

So now I write for some of the most incredible women I’ve ever known. Women who are launching their own business, rebranding or leveling up. They work from home with kiddos running around. They have big dreams and passions they are crafting in their own ways. I love being part of this “make it happen” kind of tribe.

My mission is to change the landscape of what’s possible for women in business. We can build empires from our living rooms while our kids are at school…and many of us are doing just that! I want to support as many women as I possibly can to find their most confident voice and use it to build and grow their business AND the life of their dreams.

What does that mean for you?

If you want to do anything BUT create content, I’m your writer gal! That stuff lights me up! If it’s not what lights you up, let me take it off your plate so you can shine in your own talents for your business.

You get to focus on what you do best and get back to working in your zone of genius and I will give you what I do best: amazeballs copy! By now you know that “content is queen” in our industry, but simply knowing it’s essential won’t magically make you love it. Don’t worry – I love writing enough for the both of us!

{Other things I love include: coffee, Gilmore Girls, leggings, cookies and warm weather. Oh yeah – and my incredible family! Ha!}

Connect with me today for a free consultation on how I can support you in getting your copy on point!

Tara is FANTASTIC!!! 🙂 She was able to weave her words right into the energy and groove of my ideal client! 🙂 She rocks! Irena Miller

Founder, Irena Miller

Tara was so easy to work with. I have lots of ideas and love to write, but was having trouble getting them organized to share with the world. She helped me put my ideas into categories and set up a schedule to release them in a consistent way. Within an hour we had my blog planned for the next 5 months! Lindsay McCarthy

Founder, The Miracle Morning for Parents and Families Community

Tara is the best! I’m a website designer and I’ve connected with multiple copywriters for potential collaborations. I met with Tara, told her what we were looking for and she over delivered! Now every time someone asks about a copywriter, I happily recommend her services. Patricia Talavera

Co-Founder, Syt Biz

Working with Tara has been a great experience. As a solopreneur, copy is something that can be a struggle and take a lot of time out of my day. Tara was able to to take my thoughts and ideas and create an email sequence for me. That email sequence was holding me back from launching a challenge and adding several new subscribers to my list. I’m looking forward to working with Tara again! Christine Morris

Founder, Fabulously Balanced Life