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Hey There, I’m Tara.

I’m a former professor turned copywriter, digital marketing strategist, and surprise entrepreneur. When I got laid off from my university teaching job of nearly a decade, I knew a stuffy corporate job was no place for someone like me who prefers creativity over control and makes heart-centered decisions over bottom lines.


Hmm…entrepreneurship it is, then.


As a single mom at the time, I made the (crazy?) choice to jump into business ownership relying on my strong writing skills, my ability to connect with people and build relationships, and my overall snark.

Thank God it worked!


I replaced my teaching income with business revenue within 90 days and then doubled my teaching income within the first four years of business. I’m just one of those people that makes a decision to make something happen and then follows through. (Plus, I work faster and smarter than my counterparts…a phenomenon that has been dubbed “Tara Time” by my clients and loved ones.)


I MUST start my day with coffee.

I’m an old soul & love traditions.

Authenticity is a non-negotiable.

Blanket. Book. Perfection.


Even though we live in an intensely visual world where Instagram photos and marketing videos seem to rule, words still matter. Actually, they matter a lot. You need the right words to create your brand before you can do any of the other fancy stuff.

I see way too many businesses skip the essential step of getting their messaging on point so that the rest of their marketing actually shows an ROI. More and more consumers want to feel a connection with a business or brand before forking over their money.

Building a loyal customer base starts with creating copy that connects first and then converts.