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Being “in alignment” has become a trendy term. It’s no longer just for chiropractor appointments. It’s about making sure what you’re doing lines up with your goals and your ultimate purpose. And that’s really really important. But I see a lot of questioning whether or not something is “out of alignment” when really you’re just overwhelmed about something or you’re not seeing a result quickly enough.

And those two things (overwhelm and impatience) leads to quitting in the name of “out of alignment” WAY too often.


Success is taking too long? Must be out of alignment.

Not sure what the next step is? Must be out of alignment.

Just saw someone else doing the exact same thing you are? Must be out of alignment.


And once you deem something as “out of alignment,” it’s really easy to validate abandoning it. But just because something is hard or taking time doesn’t necessarily mean it’s out of alignment. It might just mean you need to work on getting stronger clarity around what you’re doing.


As women, we are really good at creating to-do lists, especially if you’re a mom. Because we have SO much on our plate, we have to make lists to make sure we remember all the things we have to do. But when that task list gets long enough or when we have just one more Trello board than fits on the screen, it gets really overwhelming really quickly.


But I want you to ask yourself: are all of those things really necessary? What MUST get done today to move you closer to your goals?


I urge you to get quiet with yourself. Sit, clear your mind, meditate, breathe. Repeat. Ask for guidance from your higher self. Your higher power. Your favorite Muppet – I don’t care. Anyone other than your confused and overwhelmed self right now. Ask for clarity of purpose.


It will come. It will come as soon as you allow it to. And you’ll know as soon as it’s there if you’re really listening. (Yes – even if it’s in Kermit’s voice. Actually, especially if it’s in Kermit’s voice.)


And once you get that clarity of purpose, do not – I repeat do not – pick all your chatter back up and walk over to the table and make another freakin’ to do list. That is not the point. Stay where you’re at in your quiet place and bask in the knowledge of your clarity of purpose for a moment. Then – and only then – ask for the next two steps to move you toward that purpose.


Just two steps. Not five. Not seventeen. Two.


If you can get through that process and get clarity around your purpose and your next two steps, you’re out of overwhelm and in alignment. What you need to measure next is what your previous to-do list looks like next to your “clarity of purpose” and your “next two steps.” If they are dramatically different, your original task list was in fact out of alignment. But you took the time to get back on track, so now you get to throw out the misaligned to-do list and move forward with your two upcoming aligned steps.




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