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Valerie Friedlander

Tara has been a huge help in focusing, clarifying, and organizing how I communicate my message on my website and in email. Writing copy takes me awhile and I often find it stressful, however, I hesitated hiring someone because I didn’t want to compromise my authenticity. When I finally decided to reach out to Tara, I was thrilled with how well (and quickly!) she translated my voice and message to the page in a masterful way that felt 100% authentic. I believe it’s important to recognize what your gifts are and equally important to create a strong team to support your weaker areas with THEIR gifts. If copy isn’t your strength, I highly recommend Tara because it is most assuredly her zone of genius and I feel blessed to have her as part of my team of support.

Danielle Roberts

I chose to work with Tara because I knew of her reputation as a great copywriter who can capture the voice of her clients. I wanted that for my website because I wanted a copywriter who could portray my message clearly with my heart and Tara was able to do that completely. She captured my vision of what I wanted for my sales page and was able to create a page that is welcoming and warm and is able to deliver the sale without being icky. When you’re looking for the right copywriter, make the investment in Tara because it means you will get it right the first time!

Alexa Haddock Bigwarfe

Where do I start? Tara is committed to achieving success for her clients by helping us with the words we need. She is timely efficient, and really a pleasure to work with. She asked all the right questions so that she could write compelling copy that actually sounded like I wrote it.

Shelly Robinson

Tara is one of the most talented writers and communicators I have ever worked with. She has the amazing ability to take all of my jumbled ideas, shake them around, and produce amazing copy that is compelling, conversational, and powerful. She is incredibly fun to work with, meets every deadline, and is truly a pro at what she does. Trust me, you need her in your business.

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