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This Playbook covers:

  • Foundational Copy (Your manifesto, ideal client exercises, and creating your Brand Language Word Bank)
  • Web Copy (About Me, Work With Me, Services pages)
  • Why & How to be Authentic In Your Copy
  • The Ins & Outs of Sales Pages
  • Plus the NEW Master Checklist Sales Page Formula
The section on sales pages ALONE is enough to make it worth getting Tara’s Playbook. She gives you the big picture around why certain elements are important AND the specific questions that help you say what you need to say. This thing is going to LIVE on my desk!
Karyn Kelbaugh

Hey Karyn

In the world of copywriting, making sure we are doing all the things right is truthfully a little scary and stressful. Enter Tara Bosler’s Copywriting Playbook. Tara is so good at breaking down all the steps and making them easy to understand and implement. As a woman entrepreneur, I have found it difficult to talk about myself and my business in a way that captures my audience in the past and Tara knows exactly how to pull that out of me with this book. Her passion for copywriting comes through. Plus, she literally shows you step by step how and why you need killer copy on every page of your website. This playbook was tailor made for all of us lady bosses out there.
Kendra Hennessy

Mother Like a Boss

I read Tara’s playbook and I loved it! My writing skills are not my strong suit. These guides will definitely help me with my copy for my website and blog posts. It’s going to help me tremendously and I’m going to refer back to the points she outlined every time I write something!
Megan Amelio

Romance & Leisure Travel

The “Complete Copywriting Playbook” is EVERYTHING I needed to know and then some. Let’s face it. Content is the golden ticket these days. Tara’s guide not only helped walk me through the development of every piece of content I could possibly dream I needed to write for my business, but it also helped me take a step back and think about my business strategy and plan. Because let’s be honest…how many times do I shoot from the hip or put the cart before the horse? But if you’re not clear on your key message or your target audience, your content will likely fall on deaf ears, amiright? Thanks, Tara!”
Casey Johnson Gromer

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