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It’s that time again, y’all! Everybody is launching something, or about to launch something, or getting ready for a January launch.

Have you ever gotten into your launch and realized you have about 1763529 pieces of copy to write? Yeah – we all underestimate the amount of copy we’ll need in our business. I know video is SO HOT right now, but we still need written words. And like, a lot of them. Depending on the size and capacity of your launch, you may or may not need ALL of the elements below. But chances are, you’ll need many of them.

  • Sales Page
  • Thank you page (upsell)
  • FB Ad Copy
  • Instagram copy
  • FB Live Video scripts
  • Blog post(s) educating about pieces of your offering
  • Email launch sequence (at least 10-15 emails)
  • Opt-in copy to build list
  • Landing page for opt-in
  • Thank you page copy (upsell)
  • Challenge emails/social media posts/video scripts
  • Masterclass emails/social media posts/video script
  • Webinar emails/social media posts/video script
  • Youtube video scripts
  • Affiliate emails & social media swipe files
  • FAQ landing page
  • Landing page for downsell (post-launch)
  • Emails/social media posts for downsell


Phew! That’s a lot. And without a little planning, you can get overwhelmed, forget something, or choose to just freaking forget it altogether! Don’t throw in the towel yet! There are ways to get all of this launch copy done without locking yourself in your office and not coming out for two weeks. As a launch copywriter for a bunch of online entrepreneurs, I have some hacks to share with you. (Like: write the sales page first so you can create the other elements based on what’s created in the sales page. And keep your Foundational Copy nearby so you are weaving your brand language throughout all of your launch copy.)