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The #1 question I get about writing copy is: How do you make copy sound like YOU??


Or rather, “how do you get your clients’ voices infused into their copy?”


We are all pretty strongly programmed to write in a technical, systemic and formulaic way. (Remember the 5-paragraph essay form you learned in freshman English class?)


But, we don’t really talk that way, right? I mean, there’s a time and place for formulaic and technical writing. I come from academia…I HAD to teach students to write in a formula. (Yes – sometimes it broke my soul.)


But when we are writing copy as creative business owners in an online space, we have to be informative, conversational, engaging, unique and inspiring (among other things!)


Um, overwhelmed much?


Yeah, it can be intimidating.


I have a couple tips though. (Yay!)


The way I work to infuse my clients’ voice into their copy is through active and intentional listening. I insist on video chats so I can capture not only their verbal messages, but I can collect data on their nonverbal cues too! We all say so much with our facial expressions, gestures, body language and more.


Now, this is much easier as an outsider. As someone looking in and intentionally observing these elements. So I get why it can be hard for someone else to do this for herself. Here’s my tip:


  1. Record a video conversation of you and a friend
  2. Record a video conversation of you and a client (or potential client)
  3. Find the overlap and write from that overlap


Observe the following elements that show up in both of those interactions:


  1. Tone (formal/informal)
  2. Phrases & language
  3. Facial expressions & body language
  4. Inflection & pauses


Use those pieces of communication information to create the kind of conversational copy that will draw people in AND educate your ideal client about what you can offer them.


There are some specific ways to include “voice” into your copy like parenthetical asides for sarcasm, punctuation to accentuate enthusiasm and white space to induce the feeling of a pause.


This is just a scratch-the-surface version of how I help my clients infuse their voice, but I hope it helps!


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