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The Write Like You Mean It Copywriting Intensive has come to a successful end! I guided six phenomenal women entrepreneurs in writing compelling copy to grow their business.

Not gonna lie – I asked a lot of them. I mean, it’s called an Intensive, after all! In our four weeks together, the members worked on:

  • Foundational copy
  • Home or Start Here page
  • About Page
  • Services or Work With Me page
  • Contact & Testimonial pages…AND
  • Sales copy

And then I gave them a free copy review of everything they wrote during the program.

Yup – in four weeks. We’re all pretty tired right now, haha!

But I really want to share a little taste of what they accomplished, so I will be featuring each of them here on my blog to shine a little light on what they did and to give them a virtual round of applause! Please help me celebrate them!

So, first up is Dr. Caitlin Faas!

Caitlin is a productivity navigator who helps busy professionals like you integrate graduate school seamlessly into daily life with career direction and productivity hacks.

Isn’t she already amazing!? Caitlin takes her experience in graduate school both as a student and as a professor and helps incoming graduate students proactively create a productive balance of work, school and life.

I don’t know if you went to grad school, but this kind of guidance would have been absolutely invaluable to me personally about 10 years ago! Haha!

Check her out here:


If you’re interested in being part of the next Write Like You Mean It Copywriting Intensive (running October 2017), click here to get on the list!