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I’m a mom. My daughter calls me “Mommy.” I also write and blog. Does that make me a “Mommy Blogger?”

I don’t really care.

I’ve read and been told that the “mommy niche” is oversaturated and doesn’t pay. I’ve read and heard that it’s not worth the time to get into.

But let me tell you what I know about moms: they hustle like no other. They keep lives up and running. Multiple lives. Everyday. So I refuse to discount them as a group. They are worthy of time and space in this writing world.

Moms’ progress may be a little slower at times. They are wiping runny noses, figuring out dinner (again!), and desperately trying to potty train. Sometimes they have a choice to choose those things over writing, and sometimes they don’t. But they are still worthy.

Fellow moms are the ones that inspired me to get into freelance writing in the first place. The moms that are figuring out everyday how to do this #writerslife thing while still caring for and nurturing our families.

It is possible. Let me show you:

Liz Barrett is honest about being an introvert and a mom on Twitter, and her writer website and blog show how writing-focuses and business-minded she is. You. Can. Be. Both.

Lise Cartwright was The One that took the unconventional route to tell me to run toward what makes me happy and fulfilled. There is room for unique voices and experiences in every niche.

This particular post is Everything. It’s on Gina Horkey’s site, and Gina is also amazing. But what Audra Rogers says here is something that a lot of moms that are trying to hustle hard need to hear a lot.

I could go on and on and on. But you get the idea. It seems like downplaying “mommy blogs” is the writing world’s equivalent to “I don’t need feminism” in the popular world. I’m not buying either one. I hope you don’t either.