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Today starts a 3-part series about investment. Not in stocks, though. In yourself!

As moms, we often let our own needs go to the wayside. And in some cases, that’s important to do. We need to put others first when we have kids. Because no one wants to get up four or five times a night to change and feed a baby, but that’s the only way they make it. So, we gotta do it!

But somewhere along the line, we forget that putting others before ourselves is no longer about survival. And if we aren’t intentional about investing in ourselves, we will lose ourselves. Little by little, but it will happen.

I want to talk to you, mamas, about how to invest in yourself as a mompreneur, as a mom, and as an individual.

As mompreneurs and small business owners especially, we must invest in ourselves! We cannot expect our business to get off the ground or thrive without throwing some investment into it. And I am not talking just time, but money!

How often have you wanted to reach out to a business coach, take a highly-rated ecourse, or buy a package of books you know will provide you with awesome tools and resources for growing your business? But then you look at the price tag and think about how much of the grocery bill that is or the fact that all the kids could use some new sneakers.

I can relate. I am cheaper than cheap. But expecting your business to grow and be successful just out of luck is just not smart. Granted, there are lots of free resources to learn from online about starting a business and working from home. But they will only get you so far.

Face it, mama. You’re gonna have to throw some money at it. It will pay off later. When you know the steps to take and save time and money by not making common mistakes, when you head to a retreat and make connections that land you a dozen new paying clients or you hire someone to outsource work that takes up too much of your time…all of these investments will add up to a higher profit down the road.

Put that money into your business and reap the rewards later. But you have to slap down that first dollar and know that you and your business are worth investing in.