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You may have dubbed yourself a “bad writer,” a “slow writer,” or even just “not a writer.” And if you’ve already decided that writing isn’t your jam, and you’d prefer to just outsource it…don’t let me stop ya! (In fact – we should chat!)

But if you are in a spot where you’d like to write your own stuff, or it’s just not in the budget to outsource it yet, I’ve got some tips. And they might surprise you.

Why? Because they’re mainly focused on mindset.

Yeah, that pesky little bugger that your fave business coach always talks about. It affects your writing, too! (Dang, that mindset ish is everywhere, isn’t it?!)

There are a few ways you need to get your mind in shape before you can get your writing in shape:

Make sure YOU are taken care of.

You’ve gotten enough rest, you’ve eaten something healthy, you’re drinking water and you’re comfy. Ain’t nothin’ good gonna come out of being an exhausted, hungry, uncomfortable hot mess. (Unless you’re actually Hemingway…but you’re not…so take care of yourself.)

Get your space right.

Like, your physical space. Now, I know there are “messy creative” types that like a little clutter. And if that truly works for you, that’s fine. But if you’re tolerating a mess, it’s not good. And girl – I’m not saying you have to clean your entire house before you start writing. You can just hop over to Panera if you need better surroundings!

Uplevel your ambiance.

Romance the writer in you a little bit. When I need to get some serious creative juices flowing, I light a candle, put on my twinkle lights and turn on some French jazz. It makes a huge difference! Others I know like to write in bed, legit dim the lights, or put on nature sounds.


Getting into the right head space is step one in setting yourself up for a successful writing session. Come hang out in my Facebook group for more tips! I’d love for you to join the party!