Just because you have a passion for your business doesn’t mean you love writing about it. Maybe you love your podcast, coaching, consulting or creating awesome videos. But writing? No thanks.

There’s no doubt that you *need* written content on your website and products. Solid copy, engaging consistent blog posts, super fun email sequences & sales funnel communication, oh my!

If you’re not into writing, all of that is a giant time-suck for you and your biz!

So this is how it works: You shoot me an email, we set up a Zoom date, we chat for an hour or so about the message and feel you want and then…I write it!

Seriously. It’s that simple and awesome.

And there are a few different ways I can do that for ya.

Let’s get together!

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Write-for-You Services



If you are rebranding or revamping your biz, your web copy is the place to start! First impressions, y’allI write engaging and approachable copy for…

  • Home, start here, work with me, and about pages 
  • Sales and landing pages
  • Email sequences
  • Promo posts and emails

…and more! (just ask – I put together custom packages all the time!)

A lot of women entrepreneurs haaaaate writing about themselves, so let me tell your readers and potential clients how awesome-sauce you are!

My process makes sure your copy is super readable and pinpoints your brand. And remember: As your business expands and evolves, so should your copy! Don’t make the mistake of writing it once and then leaving it to gather dust.

Sales & Launch Copy

Sales Copy is arguably the most important piece to get right. It’s what is going to directly convert into dolla bills, y’all!

I write emotionally compelling and conversational…

  • Sales pages
  • Funnel email sequences
  • Ad copy
  • Opt-ins
  • Landing pages
  • …and more!

 You have enough on your plate with marketing, list-building, video creation and sales calls. Let me create your content so you can put it on auto-pilot.

Working with Tara was not only super productive and successful, it was a ton of fun too!  She clearly knows how to ask just the right questions to get to know you and your business quickly.  That really matters to solopreneurs like me because we are ridiculously busy and need any time and money we spend to work for us.  I walked away with excellent (unedited) copy that I can multipurpose in countless ways…that just makes me happy!! Rebecca Gregerson

Founder, Pieces Collective (coming soon!)

Write-with-You Services 

You may enjoy writing and may even be pretty good at it! But if you’re stuck staring at a blank screen, creating “collaborative copy” together may be perfect for you!

If you find yourself thinking you could totally DIY your web copy or sales page, but just need help getting a plan or outline together, this is definitely the solution.

We’ll chat for a bit, I’ll talk you through an outline, give you some knowledge nuggets of what I would do and then follow up with notes and resources to help you write it!

Super bonus: Collaborative copy costs about half the price of my “Write-For-You” rates!

For a comprehensive and ongoing experience of guided copywriting, check out my group program Copy Together today!

Natalie Gingrich

Tara is an amazing partner to my team. Within one meeting, she turned around a phenomenal product (sales page) for me that was in “my voice” and hit all of the points I needed to make….and concisely, at that. I have ZERO edits and am in awe at how wonderful this is. If you’re in need for a truly gifted copywriter, promise me that you won’t look any further. Tara is where it’s at. It shaved 2 weeks of stalling off of my launch and it will do the same for you. Thank you for sharing your impressive gifts, Tara!

Tiffany Mason

Before working with Tara, I was feeling overwhelmed with putting together my About Me section on my website. As an Empowerment Coach for Professional Women, I really wanted to have copy that reflected my personality and experience. Tara was very organized during our About Me Interview and she asked some powerful questions that helped clarify what I wanted to have on my website. She is a great at communicating and delivered my content days before the deadline! It was a real pleasure working with Tara. If you’re looking to work with a writer who is very skilled at intuitive listening and gets the job done right, I highly recommend working with Tara!

Christine Arhu

The moment Tara and I had our first chat about my writing project, I knew she was THE one for the job. With just one call she immediately understood the message I was trying to convey for my brand. She took the jumbled thoughts in my head and made them authentic to me and spoke to my audience. I’ll definitely be working with her for future writing projects.

Tonya Rineer

Recording videos and podcasts comes naturally to me, but writing copy? Not so much! So after 6 hours of stressing over the Start Here page on my website, I finally caved and called Tara. After only an hour-long conversation, she was able to infuse my voice, my message and my personality into content that completely blew my mind! The only thing I regret is not calling Tara sooner!

Sarah Hartley

I’m so grateful to Tara!  She took my mediocre email that I send out to advertisers and transformed it into an email that sounds inviting and warm while also infusing more of my personality into it.  She instantly knew what I needed and what would come across as more interesting to those receiving the email.  I’d highly recommend her word wizardry to anyone needing a little help getting your point across.