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Some people have said I have a “magical” way with words or that I’m a “genius” writer.

Now, I fully accept and appreciate those compliments and don’t get tired of hearing them. But, I want to let you in on my secret sauce…


I talked about the one thing I wish people would stop doing in sales copy the other day and it has everything to do with emotion. (Check out the video here.)

Here’s the thing: all those freebies you download and the checklists you use and the templates…ugh! NONE of them are infused with any emotion. By design, they can’t be. They have to appeal to a massive amount of people because they are list-builders. They are part of a strategy.

And don’t get me wrong: you need strategy. Strategy is key in building and growing a business.

But so is love and connection.

In fact, when it comes to sales copy, you NEED to have both. You need to have strategy AND connection.

When I write sales copy for my clients, the vast majority of the conversation we have is about feelings. Their own feelings, the feelings their clients come to them with, the feelings their clients have during their work process and the feelings their clients have after working with them.

Seriously – all the feelings!

Wanna know why? Because emotions and connection are what makes for compelling copy. And all sales copy needs to be compelling. If it doesn’t reach out and hug your ideal client, there’s no way they’re going to click any CTA button.

So please, for the love of tacos, if you’re using templates, infuse your own emotion into them. Don’t just fill them out as though it’s a questionnaire.

This is your copy! It’s what speaks for you and your business when you can’t be there to give a real hug.

Let it feel like love.