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Hurry!  You must hire Tara Bosler for your writing projects!  This woman is a rock star collaborator.  I’ve worked with her in roles as professor colleagues, and she has helped me to create and edit content for my consulting business.  Bosler is dependable and independent.  She takes what you think you want and creates something even better than your imagination can fathom.  Bosler’s approach is detail-oriented and creative – while maintaining the strictest of organizational and time management skills.  Her academic and professional experiences mesh nicely with her personal experiences to provide readers with a contemporary mindset that is refreshingly applicable to readers of all ages.
Dawn Pfeifer Reitz

Instructor PSU Berks, Principal DSPR Consulting

Working with Tara was like taking all the scrambled pieces in my head and dumping them into her lap to turn into a beautiful puzzle. She made the entire session feel like a conversation and asked insightful questions to pull the content out of my head, which she then transformed with unicorn dust or something else magical to really embody what I wanted to say, but could never figure out the words for. She’s hilarious and kind, and was so helpful at throwing out suggestions to inspire me to better explain what I wanted my brand to represent. I walked away with wonderful copy and exactly what I was looking for, which made me wonder, why the heck haven’t I worked with a copywriter sooner? Don’t even hesitate if you’re struggling to find the perfect wording for your project, sales page, website, etc. Tara makes the process so easy and enjoyable; you’ll feel like you just had a coffee date instead of knocked a huge task off your to-do list.
Mallory Schlabach

Owner, Mallory Schlabach

Working with Tara has been a great experience. As a solopreneur, copy is something that can be a struggle and take a lot of time out of my day. Tara was able to to take my thoughts and ideas and create an email sequence for me. That email sequence was holding me back from launching a challenge and adding several new subscribers to my list. I’m looking forward to working with Tara again!
Christine Morris

Founder, Fabulously Balanced Life

Tara is FANTASTIC!!! 🙂 She was able to weave her words right into the energy and groove of my ideal client! 🙂 She rocks!
Irena Miller

Founder, Irena Miller

Tiffany Mason

Before working with Tara, I was feeling overwhelmed with putting together my About Me section on my website. As an Empowerment Coach for Professional Women, I really wanted to have copy that reflected my personality and experience. Tara was very organized during our About Me Interview and she asked some powerful questions that helped clarify what I wanted to have on my website. She is a great at communicating and delivered my content days before the deadline! It was a real pleasure working with Tara. If you’re looking to work with a writer who is very skilled at intuitive listening and gets the job done right, I highly recommend working with Tara!

Christine Arhu

The moment Tara and I had our first chat about my writing project, I knew she was THE one for the job. With just one call she immediately understood the message I was trying to convey for my brand. She took the jumbled thoughts in my head and made them authentic to me and spoke to my audience. I’ll definitely be working with her for future writing projects.

Tonya Rineer

Recording videos and podcasts comes naturally to me, but writing copy? Not so much! So after 6 hours of stressing over the Start Here page on my website, I finally caved and called Tara. After only an hour-long conversation, she was able to infuse my voice, my message and my personality into content that completely blew my mind! The only thing I regret is not calling Tara sooner!

Sarah Hartley

I’m so grateful to Tara!  She took my mediocre email that I send out to advertisers and transformed it into an email that sounds inviting and warm while also infusing more of my personality into it.  She instantly knew what I needed and what would come across as more interesting to those receiving the email.  I’d highly recommend her word wizardry to anyone needing a little help getting your point across.
Working with Ms. Bosler has been a wonderful experience. With all she delivers, Ms. Bosler brings passion, clarity, and the highest quality. Her efficiency and reliability can not be overstated.
Kelly Frey

Franklin & Marshall College Center for Opinion Reseach

Tara took my disorganized thoughts and turned them into a sales page that would make anyone want to buy my course! So thankful for how she works her word magic!
Carrie Sharpe

Co-Founder, He Says She Says

Tara is amazing and exceeded my expectations in every way! She works very quickly and even delivered my salespage copy way ahead of her promised date. She’s so easy to work with and just gets what you’re trying to say (and can say it so much better!).
Katleen Kobel

Founder, Smart Business Mom

I found Tara because I needed a refresh on my website copy. My text was messy and overwhelming. Tara gave me great suggestions right away. She was fast to answer my questions and to deliver my new copy that is clear and talking straight to my audience. I highly recommend her!
Julianna Kovacs Tremblay

Conscious Parenting Coach for Mothers

As a busy business owner, nothing is more frustrating than feeling like the words I want to say are stuck in my head. Writing sales page copy is a painful process for me. Luckily, I was introduced to Tara in the Boss Mom Facebook group and she was able to take the ramblings in my head and turn them into beautiful words on paper! Not only is she a fantastic copywriter, but she’s also an awesome person! You can’t go wrong hiring Tara!
Monica Froese

Redefining Mom

Working with Tara was not only super productive and successful, it was a ton of fun too!  She clearly knows how to ask just the right questions to get to know you and your business quickly.  That really matters to solopreneurs like me because we are ridiculously busy and need any time and money we spend to work for us.  I walked away with excellent (unedited) copy that I can multipurpose in countless ways…that just makes me happy!!
Rebecca Gregerson

Founder, Pieces Collective (coming soon!)

Tara has a special magic with words – and she’s also a wizard at keeping a team organized, pacing well and on track for success! Her passion for helping women is evident in the program we were working on and her passion reached over and ignited mine. Very thankful that Tara and I crossed paths. Anyone would be lucky to partner with her!
Taslim Jaffer

Let Me Out Creative

Tara is an absolute delight to work with. She is reliable and very prompt and punctual with her delivery. I like that she is open to chatting with you a few times to really get a feel for who YOU are. I know that I will be using her again for any of my copywriting needs!
Sunit Suchdev

Modern Twin Mom

Tara is the best! I’m a website designer and I’ve connected with multiple copywriters for potential collaborations. I met with Tara, told her what we were looking for and she over delivered! Now every time someone asks about a copywriter, I happily recommend her services.
Patricia Talavera

Co-Founder, Syt Biz

Tara was so easy to work with. I have lots of ideas and love to write, but was having trouble getting them organized to share with the world. She helped me put my ideas into categories and set up a schedule to release them in a consistent way. Within an hour we had my blog planned for the next 5 months!
Lindsay McCarthy

Founder, The Miracle Morning for Parents and Families Community

Valerie Friedlander

Tara has been a huge help in focusing, clarifying, and organizing how I communicate my message on my website and in email. Writing copy takes me awhile and I often find it stressful, however, I hesitated hiring someone because I didn’t want to compromise my authenticity. When I finally decided to reach out to Tara, I was thrilled with how well (and quickly!) she translated my voice and message to the page in a masterful way that felt 100% authentic. I believe it’s important to recognize what your gifts are and equally important to create a strong team to support your weaker areas with THEIR gifts. If copy isn’t your strength, I highly recommend Tara because it is most assuredly her zone of genius and I feel blessed to have her as part of my team of support.

Danielle Roberts

I chose to work with Tara because I knew of her reputation as a great copywriter who can capture the voice of her clients. I wanted that for my website because I wanted a copywriter who could portray my message clearly with my heart and Tara was able to do that completely. She captured my vision of what I wanted for my sales page and was able to create a page that is welcoming and warm and is able to deliver the sale without being icky. When you’re looking for the right copywriter, make the investment in Tara because it means you will get it right the first time!

Alexa Haddock Bigwarfe

Where do I start? Tara is committed to achieving success for her clients by helping us with the words we need. She is timely efficient, and really a pleasure to work with. She asked all the right questions so that she could write compelling copy that actually sounded like I wrote it.

Shelly Robinson

Tara is one of the most talented writers and communicators I have ever worked with. She has the amazing ability to take all of my jumbled ideas, shake them around, and produce amazing copy that is compelling, conversational, and powerful. She is incredibly fun to work with, meets every deadline, and is truly a pro at what she does. Trust me, you need her in your business.