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I’ve had this thought a time or two lately. With Facebook Live blowing up, Insta stories, and now Facebook’s similar adoption of video-journaling your Day, it’s hard to ignore the power of video.

As a copywriter who, ya know, WRITES for a living, that can be initially disconcerting.


“Is EVERYTHING just going to be video-based now?”

“Are people going to abandon sales copy and just create a video?”

“Is everyone just going to stop reading altogether!?!”

(The downward spiral can get out of control pretty quickly when you work from home by yourself.)

The truth is: none of the above is completely true. Copy isn’t going anywhere. It’s just going to serve a slightly different function. Because even though video is super hot right now, people still need….ya know…WORDS.

And somebody needs to write those words. (Phew!)


So, what role does copy play in this Video Culture? Tons. But here are a few significant ones:


Video Titles, Headlines, Descriptions & Scripts

A solid content strategy can revolve around video, but it also revolves around consistent messaging. That requires well-written foundational copy and scripting. The best people doing video in the biz very often write actual scripts. They may not follow them word for word, but the script exists and guides their message.


“Traditional” sales copy

Written pieces like sales pages and ad copy aren’t simply going to disappear for a couple reasons. First of all, if you are hoping for cold traffic to come to your stuff, your SEO needs to be on point. That means your written content needs to be consistently using the same terms and phrases across a variety of platforms. (Read: not just video).


Additionally, not everyone will watch all of your videos. So it’s important to repurpose your videos into written content like a sales page or a blog. I know for me personally, it can be difficult to watch videos with sound on because my Little will immediately want to see what I’m watching. Reading a blog post or sales page is much easier for my to skim and get the info I want faster.



Websites need words. That’s the long and short of it. It can be beautifully designed with gorgeous photos, but you need words on there to help create a knowledge base and a call to action for your visitors. Lots of people are using video content on their websites now, and I think it’s a great way to build that know-like-trust factor, but at the end of the day, you need to have solid written content on your site.


Email marketing

Lastly, even if you think it’s annoying and time-consuming, email marketing works. When you build the right list with the right people (not just gaining 10,000 emails that won’t ever convert to a single sale), it can be a gold mine. And typically speaking, people actually want to read their email, not watch it. We are creatures of habit, and we are used to opening an email to read it. Adding a video into your written email content is a great complement, but if all you have is a video in there, a lot of people won’t even open it, let alone watch it all way through.


The moral of the story is: no – video marketing isn’t putting me out of business. It is allowing me to become more creative with the use of copy for my clients, which is a really fun puzzle to figure out for each one of my individual clients. Because what is writing if not a chance for expanding your creativity? 🙂

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