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You hear it everywhere – passive income, passive income, passive income.

And yes – scaling your business to the point where you are making more but working less is something you should be working toward. But there’s a lot about this “passive income” concept that a lot of people just get plain wrong…in two different ways.

1. By thinking you’re going to just sit on the couch and watch the piles of money stack up with no pre-work or maintenance whatsoever.

This one irks me to no end. Well, that really bothers me is the slew of Facebook ads that claim you can *totally* make $40k months without lifting a finger. Sure – after a few failed launches, a couple business coaches, some serious mindset work, and a damn good funnel. But probably not straight out of the gate. And anyone that says you can is selling you snake oil, my friend. And I’ve heard the story way too many times – someone promises a sure thing, a quick fix, or easy money…and then you realize (too late) that you were duped. Whose fault is it? The person who claimed it was possible or the person who believed that crap? Um…both.

The truth is, you can make money in your sleep or while you’re at the beach. But you need to have some things in place. You need to put at least a little work in up front. And you need either systems or a team to maintain that work. It’s not a “set it and forget it” situation. So in that sense, there is almost no income that’s totally “passive” income. You or your team or your systems will always be managing some part of it.

The other part of the problem comes on the other end – when people deliver products or services in a completely passive mindset. They’ve totally assumed a “set it and forget it” attitude, leaving their people high and dry….

2. By delivering a digital product but never following up about implementing it.

This one sucks, too. Course creation is a hot spot to be in these days. And it can be a money maker, for sure. But way too many times I’ve seen high-visibility courses sell like hot cakes, and then the feedback that comes from the buyers is that they feel totally disconnected from the content, the creator, the facilitator or there’s no community to interact with.

Now there’s nothing wrong with totally DIY programs or courses. But when people invest in you and you peace out after the transaction, that’s less than ideal. And I strongly believe it happens because of the first reason I hate the term passive income. We’ve created this environment in which #bizgoals means you sell, split, repeat. Gross, y’all.

I am committed to busting this cycle in the online space.

Maybe it’s because I come from a teaching background. I taught in the classroom at the university level for 8 years. I taught communication and gender studies to hundreds of undergraduate students. Showing up is just part of what I do. Checking in and following up is part of being a good teacher. I’m not responsible for your results or the work you put in, but I will make sure you’re showing up as the best version of yourself when you’re in one of my programs. I believe strongly in my high-touch programs.

Life is busy. Entrepreneurship is busier. Parenthood is even busier! Most of my clients and all of my mastermind members have all of those things going on. If you don’t have someone checking in on you, keeping you accountable, and creating opportunities for you to thrive, you may not always show up to do it for yourself. Am I right?

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