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When I start working with any client, we always start with what I call “Foundational Copy.” That’s all the written stuff that makes up your brand and business.

It’s like the root system of a tree. Your Foundational Copy is what you need to write in order to create a solid system so that your business can grow rooted in the words, language and messaging you create from the beginning. It includes: who you are & what you do, your ideal client avatar, your mission & manifesto statements, your Brand Language Word Bank, & your elevator pitch.

You will use your Foundational Copy to measure everything else against to make sure it’s consistent and on-brand. When you’re writing a blog post, an email sequence, a newsletter or a social media post, your Foundational Copy should be present in some form.

(Check out Dana Malstaff’s Boss Mom brand or Tonya Rineer’s Profit Party brand to see what I mean.)

So let’s get started. That’s right – we’re doing this thing right now!

You have to get crystal clear on your ideal client. Really clear. Like, they should feel like you’re reading their mind when you write stuff geared toward them. (I mean, not in a creepy way…in a helpful way!)

First, let’s figure out who you are and what you do, Mad Lib style:

I am a ____________________ who helps ______________________

to do/feel/think _______________________.


Now list the characteristics of your ideal client (be really specific):


  • What kinds of activities, shows, food, houses, shoes, books, etc. does your ideal client enjoy?


  • What does your ideal client do for work and leisure?


  • What are their specific pain points right now? (What do they need or want to have that you offer?)


  • What color underwear do they have? (Okay – maybe not this one…)


Once you have your ideal client in mind, next we will work through your manifesto. Your manifesto is your big picture ideas for your business. It’s closer to a vision statement than a mission statement. Your manifesto will guide you in the direction of your DREAM while a mission statement points you toward GOALS.

Complete the following sentences to create your manifesto. Feel free to create a few statements for each prompt.

  • I want to live in a world where…
  • I love seeing…
  • I strongly believe…
  • I am committed to…


From the above statements you wrote, identify 3-4 themes that emerge. Write those themes down and brainstorm other words or phrases associated with that theme. (Theme examples: empowerment, loyalty, knowledge, fun, etc)


This will then become your Brand Word Bank! Post it where you can see it so that your brand language becomes part of your consciousness and you always have a go-to for everything from social media posts to email responses to naming All of the Things!

And lastly, the piece that most people love to hate: your elevator pitch.

My theory on why people have a hard time creating one is because they are under the impression that an elevator speech needs to encompass everything about your business ever! Yeah – except that’s impossible.

The real purpose of an elevator pitch is for the other person to say, “Hmm, that’s interesting! Tell me more!” So you just need to pique interest in a way that gives people a pretty good idea of your Thing.


Solidifying Foundational Copy has been SUCH a game-changer for my clients and the members of my Intensive group. I cannot overstate how much it can streamline your efforts for writing and visibility.

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