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First things first: What in the banana-pants is an opt-in?

It goes by many names: freebie, download, lead magnet. But it’s all the same thing – a super duper valuable Thing that your ideal clients wants right now and is willing to give you their email address to get it. It’s a list-builder, basically. And if you have an online (or any!) business, you kind of need one. (I say “kind of” because I won’t make the blanket statement that there’s only one way to build and grow a business because that’s just not true.)

But if you choose to take the opt-in route and can see the value in building your business that way, there are a few pointers to keep in mind as you create and write it.


Give them what they want

Do you know more about your business than your ideal client? Probably. Chances are, you know what they need more than they do. Because of that, it’s tempting to try to create the thing that they NEED as opposed to the thing that they want. Let me show you what that looks like. Let’s say you’re a Health & Wellness Coach. You know that cultivating a healthy diet has to be a sustainable lifestyle change and that takes time. Knowing that may lead you to create an opt-in based on how to make small changes each week over three months. (Which, personally, I think is GREAT!)

But your people may want a quicker win than that. Something like “How to cut your sugar intake in HALF this week” may be something that they would be super excited about and would become a no-brainer for them to give up their email address right this second! Not only that – they are much more likely to continue to open your emails that come after your opt-in, which is the whole point of an opt-in in the first place.

Give it to them how they want it

If you aren’t creating content the way your people like to consume info, your transformative info is going to get lost. If your opt-in is a video series training but your people are way too busy at their corporate job to sit and watch three separate 20-minute videos to get your content – it’s lost! They probably would do much better with a quick downloadable PDF guide that they can get the gist of in less than 5 minutes. Put yourself in their shoes and figure out HOW they want this info and create it from that place.


Make it easy

Seriously – people are lazy and busy. If you aren’t going to give them a quick, easy win – you aren’t helpful. I understand that life isn’t made up of quick, easy wins and that your business very well may be a long-term sustainable relationship model. (Guess what – so is mine!) But first impressions are everything. And the faster you can get your people to fall in love with you because of helping them in some way quickly, the more you’ll benefit. I understand the pull to change their LIFE with your opt-in, but all you have to do is change their DAY. Don’t expect them to read 90+ pages of an ebook you wrote or watch a few hours of instructional content. They probably won’t. Not because it’s not valuable or you’re not a genius. But because people are busy. Save that stuff for when they’re investing money in you – it actually works out much better for everyone that way.


These tips are just the start of how to make an opt-in work for you. I’ll be holding a workshop this week if you want to know more. Hop into my Facebook group for the invite! I’ll be covering:

  • How to identify the opt-in content that will work for your audience
  • Writing your opt-in clearly
  • How to make sure your opt-in leads to a sold offer
  • What to do after the opt-in?
  • Building a valuable nurture email sequence


But first – you need to get your foundational copy, brand language and web content on point. I’m super excited to announce that my Complete Copywriting Playbook for Women Entrepreneurs is now totally free! Grab your copy today to get your copy on point and ready to convert!